Thursday, May 29, 2014


Today is all about time...

How I don't have enough of it. How it flies. How it tells. How it heals all wounds. Is of the essence, and how I let it slip through my fingers. I don't own my time anymore. Why? Because I let everyone else around me including poor decisions by me, take ownership of it.
I realized something had to change and made it a point to respect my time, because time is the only thing I’m given for free in this life, every day that I live ~ The Tiny Buddha
So, I've decided to take a couple of challenges from the Tiny Buddha blog and try to get some of my time back and use it wisely...or at least enjoy what I have. I do know that everyone has the same amount of time in a day, it's how we choose to use it. I remember hearing so many times in the past, when I was scrapbooking everyday (how I miss those days but vow to get them back), how someone "wished" to have time to do that. People would tell me, "man I wish I had time like you to scrap". Or, "must be nice to have all that extra time". No-I didn't have any more time than anyone else. It's just how I chose to use my precious time. Some people sit in front of a t.v. while I'm scrapping, or do yard work, or go shopping, or on a picnic, or ride a's how I chose to spend the same amount of time as everyone else, only differently. Not more time-different.

As always....

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