Saturday, February 4, 2017

Cruisin' The Bahamas

Yes, we went on a cruise. We were invited by Eric & Jessie to go on a cruise with them to the Bahamas. The only other cruise I've ever been on was to Eastern Caribbean back in 2007. It was fun and we got to spend time with Logan and Emmy and Jessie's family (her mom, brother & girlfriend, sister & hubby and 2 kids).

We went to Freeport, Nassau and Half Moon Cay. It was colder the first couple of days than I had hoped but the Bahamas aren't that far from Florida. Freeport was chilly and rainy. The rest of the time was sunny and lovely.

Sailing to Freeport

Eric, Jessie and the kids did a dolphin encounter. It was just too cold for me and Paul. They LOVED it though!

Check out this wall of conch shells at the restaurant. 

Logan. Lots of shells, plants and coral

I've decided to get a new mask, one that doesn't fog up.
Logan and Emmy
Our favorite beach, Half Moon Cay which is owned by Carnival. It was GORGEOUS!

Eric and Jess saw an octopus!
Paul and the kids with our ship in the background

We talked Paul into entering a hairy chest contest on the beach. He was such a good sport, he should have gotten an award for participating in all the humiliating things he had to do. For instance, he had to walk down the stairs to music and strip off his shirt. Then he had to run into the water to the music from Bay Watch and dive into the water, and come up all sexy! THEN, he had to come up and strut his stuff in front of everyone. Like I said, he was a trooper although he was totally out of his comfort zone. Jessie did jump in and help him with the shake your booty to music part.

He ran in slow motion.
Jessie helping him dance
First place winner.
The 2nd Place Winner (LOOK AT THAT WATER!).
My beautiful daughter in law, Jessie at Love Beach
Eric and I at Love Beach
We had lots of fun on the ship too...

Logan got picked to play in the Hasbro Game Show. He got to play Connect Four...

Then Eric and Jessie got picked to play in a game close to The Newlyweds. I think it was called Love and Marriage..

I'm not sure it was worth the embarrassment though.
Their little act to actually get picked was very cute. They had to do a Tarzan act.


Eric and Walter won a bean bag toss tournament.
Emmy loved the cruise director Kevin.
The food was good.

A pumpkin pot pie! With cinnamon and was REALLY good!
Dessert..some kind of popcorn with blackberry marmalade. It tasted like Creme Brulee with caramel corn. 
The gang on the atrium staircase.
Paul having fun with Logan at the buffet.
Emmy with Eric selfie
Emmy and Logan on the glass elevator
Me & Paul
Our waitress and waiter, dancing in the dining room
Natalie, Paul and Emmy
Eric, Jessie and her brother Walter Karaoke to Bohemian Rhapsody LOL! They had a blast
The gang except for Zach. Not sure where he was. Logan said the sun was bothering him.

A beautiful sunrise

The snow outside the window of the plane coming home...I was NOT looking forward to that! 

We had a nice time. I can't believe in 4 weeks we'll be in Cancun. We planned the Cancun getaway before we were asked by the kids if we'd like to go on a cruise. We just couldn't pass up grand kid time and a fun time we had too!

As always...

Friday, January 13, 2017

Whoa there!

My last post was Thanksgiving. Ugh. I am going to try to Focus (my word again this year) on blogging more, reading more, crafting more and just overall paying attention to ME. I tend to focus on what other peoples needs are.
With all that being said, I had a wonderful Christmas. A bit different this year but different is good. Paul and I went to Jenn & Dans for dinner on Christmas day. 1st time in a very long time I didn't have to cook on Christmas day..YAY! I brought a pecan pie and some cheesy potatoes. Since Jenn has a poultry allergy we had Honey Baked Ham and she made an awesome roasted veggie medley.

So earlier in December we went to visit the kids.We stopped at my niece, Nicole's house on the way in Fredericksburg. We didn't get to see Corey or Deloise, they were both at school and work. I'm not even going to guess which twin is who.

This is either Adrian or Cameron.

And this too is either Adrian or Cameron

Ms Charlotte with her princess cape!
Nicole holding one of two hornets nests we brought to show Logan and Emmy that Paul found. We wished Corey had been home from school to see them. 

I made Emmy a little crocheted jelly fish. I think she really liked it..

I've got some more little critters in mind for both Emmy and Logan.

I can't believe how warm it was! We took a bike ride to Trashmore Park...

We went to a golf range and had some fun there..

No, I'm not a golfer lol.

Like I said, Christmas Day we went to Jenn's. We exchanged gifts. I thought this was so cute, Jenn modeling her new hiking gear in her pretty Christmas outfit...

I got some very nice things for Christmas, one being an Echo. A white one. I got some accessories to go with it and I'm having a good time with it.
I got some knitting things and I just love my mug..

So, lots went on. I took a lot of photos but now that it's January 13th, I'm kinda over the whole Christmas and December so I'm not going to post an more of the photos from Christmas. I'm ready to move on...

I hope ya'll had a wonderful holiday season and I'm hoping for a wonderful new year! Here's to 2017!

As always...