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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Happy 39th Wedding Anniversary!!

Yesterday we celebrated 39 years together! I went for a run in the morning and Jenn had stayed the night on Friday, so she went with my to the "Y". I met with a trainer who showed me the machines I need to work with to help me tone up some of these flabby muscles. 
Paul and I decided not to get each other "things" for our anniversary this year since we've been spending money left and right on stuff for the house. He did however surprise me with these...
Not gonna lie...I LOVE THEM! and him :)

After our morning routines, Paul and I headed out to a small suburb of Cleveland called Tremont. Very quaint little place. Not a lot to do but we spent a couple of hours wandering. One of the 1st things I spotted as we got out of the car was this amazing statue...

So this awesome (tree of knowledge?) became our landmark. Whenever we saw it walking down a side street we knew we weren't far from the car.

We stopped in a really cute boutique and I got a pair of earrings that I just love along with a rotating stamp that has 12 acronyms...just what I need for my Project Life...

We also stopped at an antique shop and found a ceiling light fixture that will look great in our new "library". Right now there's a miniature chandelier of the one in the dining room and foyer. They're a little bit up scale for our tastes and besides, I'm not a fan of having a chandelier in a room that isn't a dining room LOL. Came upon an ice cream parlor and had a cone.

We then came home and took a nap. Later we went to a restaurant Bev had mentioned to me, The Stone Mad Pub in Cleveland. Sorry the pics are blurry, I didn't take them but googled them. 

To the right behind the tall fireplace is a fountain and more seats. 

We sat next to the fountain. I found the atmosphere very unique..I've never been to a place where all the seating was stone. 
I had an amazing sandwich...
Oh my, a salmon BLT!! With some kind of amazing avocado sauce..YUM! 
At first I wanted to go camping but I could tell that was the least thing Paul wanted to do. So I changed it and my whole goal for our anniversary was to go geocaching. Well, that didn't work out so well.  We tried on our way home and stopped at a couple of parks but had no luck. 

But, all in all we had a nice day. 

As always....

Tuesday, August 12, 2014


a large or excessive amount of (something).
"a plethora of committees and subcommittees"
synonyms:excess, overabundance, superabundance.

My co-worker, Bev and I used this word a lot. It's a fun word and I liked saying it LOL. Like when we lived in SoCal and I used Bougainvillea every chance I got! Anyhoo, it describes this post, instead of "this and that" or "random" it's a nice change.

(not sure why my above paragraph insists on being to the far right. I sometimes get really fed up with Blogger...ugh!)

First I want to say how sad I am that comedian/actor Robin Williams died yesterday. Apparently he committed suicide. Such a wonderfully talented and kind man. 

Many things have happened this past week. Paul and I went with Joe & Di to "Twilight At The Zoo". It was a charity benefit for the Cleveland Zoological Society whom I'm happy to donate money too, (unlike anything cancer related because of their mismanagement of funds but that's another post for another day) I know $ for the furbabies is a good cause. They had 18 bands there! Plenty of food, drink and music--what else could you ask for right? 

The whole zoo was beautifully lit after dark! 

I bought another gadget from Avon. This time it's a pineapple corer/slicer.


Ignore the offset photo. Blogger is really pushing me to find something else. 

Paul and I went to the Summer Market in Avon Lake and I found this perfect necklace for me...

I did some retail therapy earlier in the week...

I had a good excuse, my old blow dryer broke. 

Paul and I went to Middle Bass Island this past Saturday for Ernie's Annual All Island Open House. 13 houses he had open and we each sat in one from 12:30-3:30. I only had a couple of groups through so I got some knitting done. 
I knitted on the ferry to Middle Bass
At the house I sat at was THE coolest light fixture I've ever seen!! It's an outline map of the island!!! 

That just so happens to change colors.
So, we've been painting. Ordered the hardwood flooring for the "library" lol. 

25 shelves! I've got years of book shopping ahead of me..YAY!!
When Harold put the doors in (which at the time it was Dory's room), the framing had to fit the doorway. So, he put up a transom. Well, I really don't like the idea of a wooden transom. Paul and I went to Bev & Tom's for dinner one night and what a coincidence!! Tom does stained glass!!!! So, Paul took out the piece of wood and gave it to Tom and we've hired him so to speak to make us a leaded glass window for it! I'm so excited...

Bev gave me some fresh basil when we were there. I did a pretty good job making a homemade pizza with it...

And guess what? That's all she wrote..for now and as always...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

February PL!

Yep, I'm finally finished with February Project Life. It's ok. I'll catch up..slowly but surely.

Now on to March! As always....

Sunday, July 20, 2014

This and that...

The weather here in NE Ohio has been GORGEOUS!! We've actually had the windows open all week. Yesterday was the first time we turned on the air because it was raining and that made it somewhat humid inside and we wanted to get started on painting the bookcase.

Last weekend we spent the day with Jennifer and Dan in their neck of the woods...Toledo. Went to the zoo:

We then went to a pizza place and met Dan's parents. Real nice people.

I stopped by to visit Aunt Gert and she was telling me about one of her talents, she can actually write the alphabet upside down! I thought she was talking about backwards but nope...
Not bad for a 91 year old. I know people that age that can't write right side up LOL! 

It was kind of funny when she got out a tablet of paper and tore out a piece and then turned it upside down...because she wanted the large margin at the top when she was done!

Paul and I barbecued Friday night...

I can't remember the last time we did this alone, just the two of us.

Last night I had a knitting buddy...

Eric and Jess are having a wonderful time in VA. They went to the Lotus Garden and Botanical Gardens recently...

I miss them.

Yesterday I was chatting with Paul and out of the corner of my eye I spotted a deer in the backyard! First time since we moved in have I seen one...

Paul ran out to get this pic but didn't get to them before they ate ALL his tomato buds :(.

Toby says....
As always....

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Facebook helped me realize how blessed I am!

This might have been a perfect post for July 4th. Sitting here this morning and perusing Facebook like I usually do in the morning, I came across a post in my knitting group that just touched my heart. I don't know why but maybe it's because here in the United States we take something as simple as enjoying a morning cup of coffee for granted?  I will be thinking of this girl as knit....

Hey guys, I just wanted share something that happened to me yesterday.
I live in Israel and, as you might have seen on the news, the situation is pretty scary here now. There are rockets falling all the time, and when they do, a siren goes off, warning all residents in that particular area to go to a safe room (most buildings have a shelter for that). Where I live, I have a little over a minute to get there before the rocket strikes.
Anyways, last night I was working on a simple pattern, but with a lot of repetitions that I need to keep track of. The sirens went off when I was trying to count my stitches, and I have to admit, I started panicking more because I was going to lose track of the pattern than the rocket itself... lol
I ended up taking my WIP with me to the shelter and the neighbors were staring at me like I was crazy...
On a side note, I'm so thankful for being able to knit right now. It helps me keep calm and not obsess so much about the situation. When I start to worry about when the siren is gonna go off again, I try to focus as much as possible on my project, and it helps me calm down. Talk about a good therapy!

Talk about blessed!! Yes I am and I will be hard-pressed to forget that any time soon.